The unrivalled quality of our furniture is only one reason why clients choose us. Paramount is our ability to create superb kitchens.

Few kitchen companies are dedicated kitchen designers. They supply furniture and ignore everything else. Get an architect they say. Or a builder. Do you have time to supervise different contractors? Or the expertise? Or the patience?

The real question is why are you even involved?


We create kitchens – often from existing kitchens, sometimes from scratch. We’ve created state of the art kitchens from stable blocks and garages, in attics and basements, and even on boats.

Our clients include architects and property developers, but most are exactly like you -people who want the very best in design and quality, plus the certain knowledge that their new kitchen will be installed on time and on budget.

Involving a string of contractors is always a risk. Our clients are never run ragged co-ordinating the efforts of builders, fitters, plasterers, carpenters, Uncle Tom Cobley ‘an all. They simply employ us.


‘On time and on budget’ has been our mantra for twenty-five years. Commissioning a bespoke kitchen is a once in a lifetime experience for most people, so choosing a company with a proven track record makes eminent sense. Our clients enjoy peace of mind from concept through to completion.


Personal service is the very essence of bespoke. We believe that kitchens that look great and which function superbly can ONLY be created by client and designer working closely together – and because every client is different so too are our kitchens.


Retained by architects and property developers for their most prestigious projects, Mike Taylor has been designing state of the art bespoke kitchens for twenty five years. TV Celebrity Chef Mary Berry describes him as ‘a perfectionist whose service is so comprehensive I doubt it can be equalled.’

Actually a comprehensive service is so essential that we’d never offer anything less, so if our way of working makes sense to you please call us on 020 3755 3125, send us an email, or better still book your very own Design Consultation.


“Mike Taylor was the breakthrough. His consultative approach, depth of experience and flair for ideas are without equal in the bespoke kitchen world.”

Russel and Ann Loarridge

“ wasn't just that you came in on budget, it was time and money we saved by entrusting you with the whole project. Your team kept every promise and the results are fabulous - better even than we imagined”

Clive and Alice Battersea