We spend more time in our kitchens than any other room in the house – so says a survey. Estate Agents say nothing adds more value to a property than a beautifully designed bespoke kitchen. A designer kitchen will give you pleasure for years and prove to be one of your best ever investments. All of which is very positive – but there’s always a BUT.

The BUT is that successful outcomes don’t just happen. As bespoke kitchen designers we’ve been designing, making and installing superb bespoke kitchens for more than twenty years, and we’re the first to admit that our clients deserve much of the credit. In fact really superb bespoke kitchen installations can only be achieved by close collaboration with our clients. The Client/Designer relationship is vital. And everything begins with that often vague and shadowy picture in a client’s mind of their ideal kitchen.


It's not easy. What style of furniture do you like? What best suits your home? Ultra-modern, contemporary, classic? Do you love natural woods or prefer a painted finish? Or a combination of both? Is granite your choice for work surfaces? Or wood? Or glass? What sort of cooker would suit you best? Have you seen the new Aga City range? What about other appliances?

The choice of designs, materials, finishes and appliances is virtually without limit. So we use all of our experience as bespoke kitchen designers to find exactly what's right for you.

Do you have a rough budget in mind? Now’s the time to test it. Is the figure in your mind roughly right or hopelessly wrong? If it’s wrong what are your options? Making the most of your budget is yet another benefit of retaining London's foremost bespoke kitchen designer.


A FREE design consultation will save you a small fortune and countless headaches. Here's architect Giles Bennett on the subject: 'I don't know of another designer in the whole of the UK with the depth of experience, technical knowledge, and flair for ideas that Mike Taylor brings to a project. That's why his consultations are invaluable.'

As well as being ranked foremost among London kitchen designers we have designed bespoke kitchens in Surrey and throughout all of the Home Counties. So whether you want a designer kitchen in London or a luxury kitchen for your home in the Shires Mike Taylor Bespoke Kitchens will cater for your every need and GUARANTEE total satisfaction. Please call us or email

Here’s another unique service
We’re so confident of providing total satisfaction that we allow Clients to defer payment of their final account for THREE WHOLE MONTHS after completion – by which time they’re as sure of the outcome as we were at the outset. Simple, honest and straightforward – and yet another example of how we look after our Clients.