The quality of our furniture is only one reason why clients choose us. Paramount is our ability to create superb designer kitchens. To state the obvious kitchens need plumbing, power, lighting, heating and much more besides. Our clients are never run ragged co-ordinating the activities of builders, fitters, plasterers, Uncle Tom Cobley ‘an all…

They Simply Employ Us

Few kitchen companies are dedicated kitchen designers. They supply furniture and ignore everything else. Get an architect they say. Or employ a builder. Do you have time to supervise others? Or the expertise? Or the patience? The real question is why are you even involved? You’re the client for goodness sake.

First We Design

Whether you call them designer kitchens, luxury kitchens or simply bespoke kitchens the key to achieving the best is really close collaboration between the client and a top kitchen designer. Mike Taylor has been designing state of the art bespoke kitchens for more than twenty years. He is retained by architects and property developers for their most prestigious projects. TV Chef Mary Berry describes him as ‘a perfectionist whose service is so comprehensive I doubt it can be equalled.’

Then we Project Manage the entire installation.

Unique among kitchen designers Mike Taylor personally supervises the installation of every bespoke kitchen he designs. Why? Because it’s the only way to preserve that vital link between client and kitchen designer, and it’s the reason why we are able to GUARANTEE total satisfaction.

Who Are Our Clients

Some are architects and property developers, but most are people exactly like you who want the best design, best quality, best service and best value for money for their bespoke kitchen.

Where Are Our Clients

As well as being ranked foremost among London kitchen designers we have designed luxury kitchens in Surrey and throughout all of the Home Counties. So whether you want a designer kitchen in London or a luxury bespoke kitchen for your home in the Shires Mike Taylor Bespoke Kitchens will cater for your every need and GUARANTEE total satisfaction.

Here’s another unique service
We’re so confident of providing total satisfaction that we allow Clients to defer payment of their final account for THREE WHOLE MONTHS after completion – by which time they’re as sure of the outcome as we were at the outset. Simple, honest and straightforward – and yet another example of how we look after our Clients.